Wild Energy announces a partnership with App My Community, the leading mobile application for Resorts, Campgrounds, and manufactured housing communities.

Wild Energy and App My Community partnered together to streamline the process of wireless metering readings for Campground owners and guests. App My Community, founded in 2017 by Joe & Rose Duemig, was created to elevate the guest experience by replacing outdated handouts and multiple communication tools with a centralized, real time, easy to access tool. 

The App My Community mobile application brings utility usage and billing to the tips of the guests fingers. This partnership gives campground owners and guests the ability to check their energy usage in real time and notifies property owners and management teams of any issues which may impact the overall guest experience. 

The goal however, is to not only make the life of the guest easier, but to increase staff efficiency as well. The functionality has grown from a platform that disseminated information to one that can serve additional needs. In app store, customizable forms (waivers, check in forms), scavenger hunts, and in- app amenity booking capabilities (water equipment, clubhouse facility rentals, event sign ups) allow for a more engaging user experience.

 “This is just the beginning. We will continue to work with the App My Community team in new ways to improve the guest experience, raise awareness of energy consumption and conservation, and increase the value of our services to the property owners.” says Mike Sorensen, Founder and CEO of Wild Energy.

“A priority for 2023 is to forge new partnerships that will elevate the guest experience. As the industry standards and customer expectations continue to raise, we are very excited to work with Wild Energy. Wild Energy’s metering product allows guests to only pay for what they use, and verifies that a campground is not subsidizing other activities. This integration will allow guests to easily get access to the information they need to evaluate their bill at the end of each stay/payment and regulate their energy use throughout their stay.” says Rose Duemig, Co- Founder of App My Community.

Contact Details:
Mike Sorensen
Phone: 833-563-6300

Joe & Rose Duemig
Phone: 636-236-1469