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RV in horizonCreate a mobile app for your Resort, RV Resort, or Campground to engage with your guests

Business woman using phoneCreate an Eat, Shop, Play mobile app for your town to run a year-round shop local campaign

Old building in phone viewportBuild an app for your residents to interact directly with your municipality

School children around phoneCommunicate directly with parents, alumni, and students through your mobile app

Young girl showing phone to older womanKeep residents up to date with things going on in the community when you create a mobile app

Family looking at phoneProduce a mobile app for your HOA to communicate directly with residents 


Rose and Joe have been exceptional to work with and the App they developed for our Park has saved us time and money.  We are able to communicate with our campers faster than ever, such as, “Water will be turned off for 15 minutes at 4 pm” or “Invoices have been sent out, be sure to check your email” or “Kids crafts bags are available for pick up in the store”.

Work orders can be placed on the App and delivered to the correct Park employee’s cell phone, eliminating the middleman and saving turnaround time – no more leaving messages in the store, the camper is empowered to use the app, complete the information and make requests without interrupting our store and office staff.

The App is great for all aspects of our Park; the office staff, store staff and maintenance staff.  Rose and Joe are available to help at any time and the App they have developed for us has exceeded our expectations. They continue to update the App capabilities and this keeps us current. 

Without doubt, our best investment of 2020.

The Eat, Shop, Play in the Parkland mobile app provides us a way to connect our business members with customers year- round and put that business information right in the palm of the customer’s hand.

Our guests absolutely love the app created for our park, and it has really helped us improve our guests’ experience…the participation in our activities has increased, and we have been able to communicate more effectively to our guests through the notification feature.

We greatly appreciate you and Joe approaching us over a year ago regarding the development of an app for Hart Ranch. While this particular method of communication and advertising has grown exponentially over the years, we didn’t realize how significant this could be as a communication tool for Hart Ranch! Members have said to us countless times how much they appreciate the ability to have access to resort information, activities schedules, events, contact information as well as local attractions and services at their fingertips.We have appreciated not only your knowledge in regards to developing an app appropriate for our resort, but also your incredible and immediate reaction to any items that might need to be fixed, changed and/or updated. You have demonstrated to us a willingness to provide constant product and process improvement and stand behind the product you deliver. For that we are grateful and look forward to continuing to grow our working relationship. We especially look forward to whatever new features and improvements become available in the future!

The majority of our residents have the app loaded on their phone (or tablet) and the response has been fantastic.  WE send the instructions to upcoming rentals so they can utilize the information before they even arrive.  We have eliminated one avenue of previous communication (the steady running TV Channel) and plan to streamline our email process next season because of the Mobile App capabilities.

As a seasoned Marketing and PR Communication Manager for large corporations and associations, owning a campground was no different.  I needed control and redundancy for our customers to be in touch with our changes quickly, which was on a platform that I could change and control the timing of release. With App My Community, I was able to brand ONLY my campground and keep our loyal and constantly checking customers informed, IN REAL TIME.  We can do take-out orders now with customized buttons and items that our most popular items. Pick up is easy because they are already preordered and paid.  This will save the amount of staff needed to be in the phone taking orders and move staff time to more revenue generation.  New customers immediately feel a part of your campground.

I was blown away with the positive feedback we had from the members of our park. They LOVE it. Everything is at the palm of your hand with alerts, closings, and upcoming events that are taking place. Rose and Joe have met my expectations, plus some, throughout this process. From the initial call to do the general overview of the app, to my constant emails throughout all hours of the day, they have always had an answer. This year, they even made a place where I can upload my own PDF to the app, to get information out quicker. 10/10 recommend App my Community…

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