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Everyone’s got a smartphone—use it to create even more memorable moments

A mobile app to customize for your campground, RV Resort or Chamber of Commerce. Help your people find everything in one place—on their phone.

Please more customers

Automate tedious processes

Add prestige to your brand

Is your campground, resort or chamber

Frustrated with…

Guests not finding everything to fully enjoy their stay? Staff overburdened doing the manual & tedious? Slow responses when someone reports a problem? Passing handouts that become outdated as soon as people get them? Visitors & residents unaware of what’s going on around town?

Or, no single location for people to find what they need—in seconds?

Proven for your industry

A mobile app for your people

Run your business more efficiently with the App My Community solution.

Keep campers happy

Imagine… Guests finding everything needed to fully enjoy their stay. With great experiences that bring them back—year after year. A brand that stands out from your competitors. And new ways to increase revenue.

Create more community

For your residents, businesses, or visitors… Promote more events. Generate more interest. Build up more membership. Attract more tourists. Earn more revenues.

Make life easier

Automate manual processes. Respond quickly to problems. Stop using so much paper. Watch staffers be-and-do their best work. While guests, members & tourists get their best—from you.

Everyone Staying Informed

Campgrounds & RV resorts

Campers pulling out there phones to…

Order firewood, ice & food. Book activities & amenities. View tide schedules, county rules & emergency info. And for you? Promote local businesses. Advertise near-by events. Collect guest feedback & anticipate campers’ needs.

Chambers of Commerce

Visitors & residents not missing a thing, like…

Watch a summer flick under the stars. Find the newest boutique in town. Explore local garage sales. Vote for the best burger. Be notified for all interesting events. And for you? Be the go-to-resource—connecting your town to businesses, visitors & residents.

Why wait any longer?

Convert manual processes to in-app, automated ones

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Rose & Joe Duemig

Co-founders of App My Community

About Us

On our first camping trip…

We saw a kiddy train go by our campsite. And thought, what fun for our kids. We went to the park store to buy some tickets. Ah—closed! Then, we needed firewood, but quickly realized we had to wait till the next day.

Being from the hospitality industry — this hardly made sense.

Campers deserved more. Campgrounds & resorts can do better.

So… on the drive home, my husband & I pondered—we could do better. Then Joe started coding.

And there became the birth of the AppMyCommunity mobile app.

As we became avid campers we saw more & more, things that needed to be fixed. So more people could enjoy the outdoors —using a tool they already have in their pockets. Their smartphones.

Why have people research on their vacations? Why hide fun events that should be found in seconds? Why have staff do things manually that all other businesses—do digitally?

The same goes for RV resorts, chambers, towns & tourists.

We created AppMyCommunity to fix things we saw in real life. To bring technology to campgrounds, resorts & chambers. And to make lives better for people moving about the country.

Stop doing the mundane. Stop hiding the great things going on nearby. And start pleasing more guests, members & residents.


Life’s too short to miss out.

Why Us

We play often in the outdoors — always have

What you get

A complete tech solution—with a human touch

A modern, digital solution + help at any time = your people enjoying themselves (much) more.

A Mobile App

Use our app to create your app. One that‘s dedicated to your brand, helping streamline your campground, resort or chamber.

Expert Guidance

It’s all pretty straightforward. And, we’re here to help choose & configure the right features for your business needs.

Content Management

Your guests, members & residents want to know what’s going on nearby. We’ll help you gather & add relevant content to make that happen.

Customer Support

You’re never alone. We here to help. You’ll see—from the moment we talk to-and-through answering questions & fixing any problems.

How do you want your story to end

Ready for automation—with a proven mobile app? Or not?

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