Armstrong Software is Offering Personalized Apps

Story by Woodall’s Campground Management, Published 10/22/2019

Armstrong Software — founded by Joe and Rose Duemig in 2017 — has been working over the past few years to get its App My Community platform, recently rebranded from Resort Navigator, in front of park owners.

App My Community is a program that allows RV park and campground owners to create their own individualized app for their parks that will appear in app stores.

“Rather than a camper opening the application and seeing a list of resorts that they would need to scroll through to find the one that they are at, we allow the park owners to build their own individualized app and campers can find it in app stores by using the park’s name in the search bar,” said Joe.

“From there the owners have full flexibility to customize it to their property,” added Rose. “The home screen that is displayed, obviously the colors, icons, categories, and logos, everything is wrapped around their park’s brand. We really promote each park’s brand versus our own.”

With Joe’s background in computer science and Rose’s background in hotel and restaurant management, the Duemigs told that they were spurred to create App My Community after visiting a resort.

“While we were there, we saw a train full of kids go by and we had no idea that it even existed,” said Rose. “Then the next night we wanted to go use the mini-golf course but it was closed due to inclement weather and we didn’t know that until we got there, and I think we both thought there should be a better way to communicate what is going on at a park.”

Today, the app offers the capability for owners to upload photos and videos, as well as keep campers informed on what is going on at the park, along with myriad of other functions.

“We want it to be more than an information resource, because we want people to keep being drawn into the app,” said Rose. “One thing that we do is allow a camper to ‘favorite’ the activities that they are interested in and then they will get a reminder before that activity begins. In essence, they’re creating their own personalized agenda.”

“Another thing that owners really like are the searchable maps,” explained Joe. “When you’re in a campground you can pull the map up in the app and you can type in and find what you’re looking for, so you can search for a restroom nearby and find it. Also, when you’re going to an activity, there will be a map button and it will show you right on the property where that activity is being held.”

App My Community also allows owners to start a rewards program, where campers can be rewarded for activity participation, the number of nights they stay at a park and on campstore purchases at the park.

“Then they can go and redeem those points for money off of campstore purchases or free nights at the park,” said Joe.

The Duemigs explained that the reactions they have been getting from campground owners have been fantastic.

“We sat down with one owner that said he had been looking for a product like this for years,” Joe said.

To see a demo of the App My Community platform, go to