Sell merchandise directly from your app to your guests. Delight them with deliveries and the ability to pre-order

Create your own virtual store to sell merchandise, food, firewood, activity tickets, etc. Items can be included throughout your app, you can have an individual item on your home screen(great for quick access to firewood delivery), inside a store section of the app, a button of a detail page, or added as a button on an event. 

Community members add one or more items to their cart and can checkout with the payment option(s) you prefer. Upon purchase employees will be notified of the new order, ready to be fulfilled.



One Item, Many Options

Each item can have multiple sets of options, for example, a pizza would have options of size and toppings. 

Size would be the primary option and would dictate the base price for the item. Toppings would be a secondary option that could be free or be additive to the base price.

Requested Information

Specific information can be requested during the purchase of each item, such as name, email, phone, location, and additional comments. 

Items can be setup to only be ordered or delivered at certain hours during the week. Buffer time can even be included, so preparation time can be accounted for.

Confirmation workflow can be added to items so that time sensitive deliveries are never dropped.

Methods of Payment

Every community operates differently and requires different level of services. To accommodate these differences, we offer multiple ways to accept payment through your app.

Credit Card

The most efficient method of payment for most communities is credit card

Bill to Site/Room

Request the user enter a site or room number and a predetermined pin code to add the payment to their guest folio


Allow guests to place an order and then pay upon delivery or pickup of goods


For our customers in Canada, when using e-transfer, after completing the checkout, e-transfer instructions are displayed to the user

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