Searchable Maps

Upload and annotate maps to help members of your community navigate the area

Annotating Maps

There are many areas throughout your community that you may need to highlight for your members to find. You can upload one or multiple maps to your app and annotate them to help your guests find their bearings.

Many people will be looking for where they can find:

  • Activity Areas
  • Pavilion
  • Restrooms
  • Garbage
  • Clubhouse, etc


When you are annotating your map, you can draw lines, circles, squares, and irregular shapes (polygons) in any color. 

You can also add text, drop a pin, or an arrow into your map to give the user directions.

For each location you can also simply add search words that a user might use for this location. For common areas like restrooms, the map builder will automatically add synonyms such as bathrooms and washrooms.


Menu Item

Add your annotated map directly to your home screen for your users to have quick access.

Many of our customers have multiple maps that they would like to share with their users, so they create a submenu on their home screen called maps and add multiple searchable maps, link to an online map, even links to online hiking trails. 

Detail Listings

You can link to a searchable map directly from one of your detail listings as an additional button. You can open just the map, or open the map and highlight a particular area.

Event Listing

Event listings can also have detail buttons just like the the detail listings. 

One added benefit for event listings is you can automatically link any of your event locations to a section in your searchable map and the map button will automatically appear and link to the correct location based on where the event is taking place.

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