Loyalty - Rewards

Increase revenue and customer loyalty by adding a rewards program to your app

Loyalty Management System​

Our loyalty management system allows a community to decide if/how/when users earn and redeem reward points.

Examples of ways to earn:

  • Activity/Event participation
    • Communities can set a specific default value for points earned for users attending a free activity versus one that has a cost
    • The default points can be overridden for any event and have unique points associated
  • Purchases
    • Multiple options can be added for different types of purchases (e.g. Food/Beverage, Merchandise)
  • Reservation for nightly stays
    • Set different point values for different types of accommodations (e.g. RV Resort – Points for staying at an RV site versus a cabin).
  • Miscellaneous/Ad Hoc Points
    • Select administrators can have access to view point history and add miscellaneous points to a user.

User Perspective

Users have the ability to always see their point total and their point history.


Expandable fields will include redemption details and directions how to redeem for specific areas


Expandable fields include description and directions of how to earn points in each category available


Summary of the guest’s point history

As a community, you can list upcoming point promotions or any other pertinent information regarding your loyalty program.

Accommodating All Users

Users without a smart phone can also participate in the rewards/loyalty program. They can be given a custom member rewards card with a barcode on the back similar to other rewards programs. Basic contact information (name and e-mail address) is obtained from by the community and are then associated to that barcode. Their information is saved and they can begin participating in the program within minutes.

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