Remote Management

Allow specific employees, community members, or business owners management over their listing

Keeping all of the information up to date within the app doesn’t have to be put on the shoulders of just one.  App administrators can grant access to other users so that those users can manage their specific areas within the full app.

Examples of remote management use cases:

  • Clubs and Organizations –  Advertise mission, post meeting information
  • On Property Dining Outlets – Update weekly specials, announce openings 
  • Recreation/Lifestyle Department – Update weekly schedules
  • Local Businesses – Current business practices (Dine-In versus carryout)
  • And many more! 

Push Notifications

Opt In Opportunity

Rather than just giving these users the ability to update their static data. You can also grant them access to have the ability to send push notifications.

End users can “favorite” specific areas within the app to receive push notifications from the groups who have been granted “remote access”. From weekly dining specials to club updates or activity schedules, make the engagement with the user even more personalized so they are getting the information that really speaks to individual needs or interests.

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