Keep guests engaged with your community and your mobile app year-round by creating groups to send targeted messages relevant to the recipient.

App My Community has two sets of filters to best determine who gets a notification: Message Type and User Group.

Communities have the ability to decide if users are subscribed to a group by default (Default subscription) or if they have to actively subscribe (Opt In) when they create a new message type or user group.  They can also make groups private (Private subscription) so only users that they determine are in that group. Examples of each of these are noted below.

Message Types

Message types are types of notifications. The types are customized to your community and can have any number or name. Examples include:

  • General Information (Default subscription)
  • Community News (Default subscription)
  • Weather (Default subscription)
  • Security (Default subscription)
  • Daily News (Default subscription)
  • Newsletters (Default subscription)

User Groups

A user group is a grouping of people. Similar to “message types”, the user groups are customized to your community and can have any number or name. The default groups in the system are All Users (everyone with your app) and Current Users (all users within a predetermined radius of your community) other possibilities include:

  • Staff (Private subscription)
  • Board Members (Private subscription)
  • Residents (Private subscription/Opt In)
  • Seasonal Guests (Private subscription/Opt In)
  • Owners (Private subscription)
  • Volleyball League (Opt In)
  • Storage (Opt In)