Keep guests engaged with your community and your mobile app year-round by creating groups to send targeted messages relevant to the recipient.

Targeting Users

Push notifications are great to keep in touch with your community members. But, you do not want to overwhelm them or send irrelevant notifications to them.

User Groups

Every app has two user groups by default. All Users and Current/Local Guests. All users is the perfect place to send promotions, construction updates, etc. Use Current/Local Guests to contact only the people currently at your community for time-sensitive updates, such as utility outages, activity changes, weather updates.

Create your own user groups. These groups can be opt in, opt out, or even private.

Send notifications directly to your staff, board, etc. without others seeing it.

Private Notificaitons

Send notifications directly to individuals that have logged into your app. Someone forgot to pay a bill, received a package up front, or is breaking quiet hours? Message them directly.

Private notifications opens up the ability to have a private chat between the sender and the receiver.

Notification Options


Send your notifications when the time is right:

  • Send right away
  • Schedule a single notification for the future
  • Schedule a recurring notification

Set an end time for your notification and it will automatically roll off the list and no longer is seen by users.


When you send a push notification, you can include images and action items for the end user.

  • Link to a website (Great for reservations)
  • Images to make your notification more engaging
  • Custom Form
  • File
  • Store Item
  • Home Screen Item

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