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Home Screen Items

Every community is unique. Add items to your home screen that fit the needs of your community and local area. There is no limit to the number or type of items you can add. 

Section Types

  • Detail Pages – (Local Business Listing, Organizations) 
  • Expandable Listings – (FAQs, Rules)
  • File – (Newsletters, Code of Conduct) 
  • Form – (Maintenance Request, Feedback)
  • Map – (Map of property, Local Trails)
  • Scavenger Hunt – (Explore the Property, Easter Egg Hunt)
  • Store Item – (Firewood Delivery, Merchandise)
  • Submenu – (Dining Cuisine Types, Social Media Listings)
  • Time Booking – (Water Equipment Rental, Meeting with Manager)
  • Website – (Weather, Reservations)


When you add a new home screen item, submenu item, or button in a detail page you can select from over 2,000 different icons to use.

Icon Customization

When building an app, you will choose from five different icon background styles according to your communities aesthetic.

You will also decide to use the default colors for your icon, use randomly selected colors, or designate a specific icon background and foreground color.

When you add an item to your home screen or sub menu, you will select one of the 2,000+ icons, you can change the colors for this specific icon, as well as the style.

Missing something? No problem, we can easily add new icons as you need.

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