Forms and Waivers

Incorporate your paperwork processes into your app to ease and speed up completion

App My Community allows your community to incorporate communication processes into your mobile app via custom forms. 

Communities can build a variety of forms to collect necessary information from users. A user-friendly form builder is available in the administrative console and forms can be interspersed throughout the app.  

Communities have the option to force user’s to login for verification of submissions as well.

When a form is submitted by one of your community members, the response can be e-mailed to one or multiple e-mail address and can even be sent to phones via text message. 

Administrators can also see all responses to any form in the admin console and mark each item as addressed so staff know which forms have had action taken.

Form Fields

A form can include any number of fields to gather data from the end user. Below we will cover a few of them


Use a paragraph to display a large amount of text. Perfect for requirements and verbiage for signing a waiver 

Free Form Text

Create text fields for short items such as name or text area fields for longer sets of information

Date and Time

Request dates and times, which will open the user’s phone default time picker


Simple yes/no field


Add as many items are necessary and allow users to pick one


Request a picture from the user. This is great for documenting a maintenance issue or for use as voting as you will get more pictures of your event


Have the user submit a digital signature. Once submitted a PDF will automatically be generated of the form as it stands when signed.

Form Examples

Maintenance Requests

Create a form to get maintenance requests from people in your community. Add fields for name, contact information, date, department (Housekeeping, landscaping, technology, etc), and reporting of concern/issue.

Remote Check-In

Guests can check into the property without ever leaving their vehicle. Use signature capture to allow guests to digitally sign forms necessary.


Let customers fill out waivers directly through their phone for property liability waivers, activity attendance, and agreements.

Visitor Registration

If your community members can bring guests onto the property, you may want a form to have the members register their guests/vehicle. Instead of forcing your members to go to security and managing physical paperwork, allow them to enter a form right from their phone.


Create a feedback form for your guests inside of your app. Add multiple five-star fields to gather scoring on any item you want to measure.

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