Promote your brand and the unique features of your community with your mobile app

App My Community provides a mobile app that is customized specific to your community and encompasses everything about your property, services, and amenities. The app also creates a direct communication channel to your users. Your mobile app will also have the ability to operate offline once the user has downloaded your mobile app.

How Your App Conforms To Your Brand

Users will search and download your specific app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app name and logo icon will be unique to your community.

The app will use your color scheme, including a background color, primary color and accent color.

You can choose from multiple icon sets to use in your app to align with the theme and tone of your community.

Your logo and branding will be used throughout the app.

Marketing Tools

In order to aid in promoting your customized mobile app, we include a marketing toolbox. This includes a marketing image specific to your branding that can used for print or sharing on your social media accounts.

Also provided, is the html code to add badges for App Store and Google Play links to your website, email taglines or newsletters to aid in promoting your mobile app.

Customizing Your Home Screen

Every community is different and will require different needs within their app. App My Community has accounted for these differences by allowing a large amount of flexibility.

Add as many icons to your home screen as is necessary for your community. There are a number of templates available such as events, services, recreation, dining, and maps. You can also add an unlimited number of the following types

Detail Listing

List of businesses or items pertinent to your community. Each item can have a button to call, map, or visit the business’s website. If your community has a relationship with this particular business, a “special” can be added to the listing to encourage your members to use that business.

Expandable Listing

This is a simple title and description listing. When a user sees the list, they only see titles and by tapping a title the section expands to show the description. Description can include links to websites, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses

Store Items

Sell store items directly from your home screen or inside of a sub menu.

Time Booking

Add time booking into your home screen to allow users to select times for meetings, renting equipment, scheduling check-ins, etc.


Create and annotate maps to allow them to be searched.


Embed any number of websites directly into your app for quick access for your users. The website can open within the app or can open in the user’s default browser, you make that decision.

You can also upload pdfs or other files and add them as a website to put them directly in your app.


Nest menus underneath each other. Great for organizing restaurants, putting all maps in a single section, etc.


Add any number of forms on your app’s homescreen for members to fill out.

Scavenger Hunts

Link to one or more of your scavenger hunts for members to complete at any time.


Upload any files you need to serve your users, images, documents, or even videos and add them to your home screen.

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