Keep you users engaged with your app by utilizing features that go beyond “informational content”. App My Community provides Activity/Event listings that allow your community to list all of your upcoming events or activities within two tabs that can be named whatever is appropriate to the content.

The star for each activity enables a user to “favorite” the activity thereby creating a personalized experience. After an activity is “favorited” they will receive a notification at a specific time period prior to the start of that activity(default is 15 minutes).

Emoji’s, special icons, and symbols can also be utilized to communicate additional information at a glance. A common example is the dollar sign used to signal associated costs.

App My Community also gives community administrators the ability to sync activities with Google Calendar in order to make your transition seamless.

Activity Detail

Each event inside of an App My Community app has it’s own detailed information screen to give users more information, or interact with the community. Additional content options within an activity include:

  1. Image tied to the location of the event or can be added for an individual event
  2. Add Favorite/Remove Favorite which turns on/off event reminders
  3. Map button will open a map to the respective location (either within the community map or via phone mapping app if outside the community)
  4. A “Tickets” button to link to events that offer online ticket sales
  5. A “Call” button for events that include a phone number
  6. A “Website” button for links to additional resources associated within the event/activity
  7. Description, location, start/end time and audience are default features

RSVP Function

When creating an event, you can request users to RSVP to an event and solicit additional information that is related to the event.

When a user clicks the RSVP button on the activity list or the button in the detail, the user is prompted to login for additional verification if they have not already been logged in.

On this screen, a guest can mark themselves as Attending or Not Attending, how many people they are RSVP’ing for, and if you asked a question, input their reply.

Activity Handout

Many community members still would like to have a document in hand. App My Community has “one-click” activity printout to accompany the mobile app to accommodate those community members. This feature allows you to easily create a handout template with all the information you want to provide community members for each week/weekend. or share on social media. Just select your date range and print. Summary of the handout features:

  1. Printable activity list of the date range of your choice
  2. Dedicated sections of the template to information you’d like to regularly communicate to users
  3. Customize the template to your community with your branding, logo, and colors
  4. Ability to modify the layout depending on the amount of activities per day