About App My Community

App My Community builds customized mobile apps dedicated to promoting the individual branding and amenities of any type of community.

Created by Armstrong Software in 2017, App My Community has brought communities into the 21st century by providing a real-time communication tool. Many of the app features replace outdated printouts, increase user engagement with two-way communication, create new revenue streams and build brand awareness. The process is user- friendly from start to finish from both the end user experience to the administrative perspective.

A community can be a campground, resort, town or any gathering of those with a common interest. We feel that there are many communities that could benefit from increasing their communication to stay in touch with their users in real-time and promote the benefits that they can provide their membership.  

Our Resorts

App My Community is continually looking to the future of technology.  Collaborating with our clients enables us to hear what their needs are and continually evolve our product.  The Farmington Regional Chamber of Commerce was looking for an Eat, Shop, Play mobile app. We were able to expand our model to have separate communities within one central mobile app to accommodate this vision.

Utilizing the variety of features available within the App My Community mobile app, enhance your user’s experience and this year-round engagement can be the key that sets your community apart.

Our Chambers


Armstrong Software focuses on promoting the unique branding of a community, enhancing the user experience, and creating a communication channel that anticipates the needs of it’s users and maintains open communication year-round.

About the Founders

In the summer of 2017, Joe and Rose were vacationing at a beautiful RV resort. We entered as guests of a long-term camper, so we did not receive all of the communication hand outs typically given upon check-in. We had a great time over the next week, but there were multiple times we experienced a lapse in communication.  In our daily life, our phones enable us to get the answers we need quickly. Why should how we experience vacation or enjoying the amenities offered by our local communities be any different?  Our vision is a Mobile App that enables people to have a deeper connection with their community, thereby giving thea more memorable experience. Rose’s background in hospitality management includes work with the Ritz Carlton brand. Their emphasis on high standards of service and enhancing the customer experience at every touchpoint have been a focal point throughout Rose’s career. Joe’s background in working with companies that range from start-ups to Oracle, Inc. has enabled him to look at a process, find the weak points, and build tools to accommodate the end users, with a focus on usability. Putting these two unique talents together Joe and Rose co-founded, designed, and built App My Community. 

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