“What time does the child’s train ride start?”
“Did they close the pool because of the weather?”

We found ourselves asking these questions and a few more our first summer of family camping. We were at a beautiful resort full of activities and yet we didn’t know all of the options that lay before us.

So what to do?

Let us introduce ourselves..

We are Joe and Rose. Joe’s day job is in Computer Science and my background is in the Hotel and Restaurant Management field. In our daily life, our phones enable us to get the answers we need quickly. Why should a campground be any different? We were new to this resort and wanted to get quick information of all of the options they had to offer in order to enjoy every moment of our vacation.

A campground is a community of many guests.  We feel that there are many communities that could benefit from increasing their communication to stay in touch and enhance the user’s experience.

Our vision is a Mobile App that enables people to have a deeper connection with your community, thereby giving them a more memorable experience. My background in hospitality management includes work with the Ritz Carlton brand. Their emphasis on standards of service and the customer’s experience have stayed with me in every role I have held since. Joe’s background in consulting for Oracle, Inc. has enabled him to look at a process, find the weak points, and build tools to accommodate the end users.

Communication through the app to enhance your user’s experience and engagement can be the key that sets your community apart.

Possibilities Fit All Shapes and Sizes 

Armstrong Software is named for the lane Joe’s family lived on while growing up. The mileage indicates the distance from our current residence (when not on the road) to that lane. The other distance is to my Grandmother’s kitchen table. A gathering place that has not changed in over 50 years. These icons of longevity and family represent the values of our company: Loyalty, Integrity and Family. We hope that you too will join our family of Armstrong Software services.

We want to help you create an experience for your guests that allows them more time to enjoy themselves without having to dig for information. Recreation. Not Investigation.