The more you can drive your guests to use your mobile app, the more successful it will be.  Why not save them some steps at the same time? Literally!

Instead of coming to the Camp Office to fill out a form – can your guests provide you the information you need from the comfort of their campsite?

Our Custom Forms feature allows you to create any type of form to collect whatever information you may need from your guests. A simple form builder is available in the administrative console and forms can be attached throughout the app as needed.  User log-in is also an optional feature to this function determined by the resort by a simple checkbox depending on the intent of the form.

Multiple field and response format options are available to accommodate the variety of information you can collect… examples include date and time, free form text, star rating and checkbox to name a few.

Pro-Tip: Examples of forms: Visitor request or registration logs, feedback forms, reservation request forms, sales inquiries for lead generation, campsite deliveries etc.

Let the app work for you as an information resource as well.

Recreation. Not Investigation.