Looking for new activities and engagement for your guests around your park? Want to enhance the sales process for prospective owners? Introducing our newest feature, Scavenger Hunts. Inside of your own resort app, you can create, manage, and score scavenger hunts.

Let’s Get Down To Business…

Like everything else in your app, there is a lot of flexibility to make the scavenger hunt(s) unique to your property. Your hunt, your style. Each step has three format options – Photo, Clue / Answer, or QR Code Scanning. There is no limit to the number of steps each hunt can have or the format variety throughout each.

A little more about each format:

  • Photo
    • Users are prompted to take a photo or selfie for their response to the clue.
    • Photos can be shared by either your guest or the resort to social media.
    • Photo steps can also have a hashtag and sharing comment prepoulated to any photo shared on social media.
  • Clue/Answer
    • Simple question/answer step
  • QR Code Scanning
    • Preprint QR codes with the correct answer on a sign or poster at the location
    • Your clue can direct guests to scan a staff member’s QR code on their phone.

You can always make the clues as easy or difficult as you would like – therefore, you can also offer your guests a little hint for the tough ones!

Different Types of Hunts

We have a few ways to add a scavenger hunt to your app.

  • Scavenger Hunt List – Guests can access the scavenger hunts at any time via the main menu and do them at their leisure.
  • Activity Button – Create a resort activity around a scavenger hunt to enhance the thrill of competition amongst your guests!  No one can see the clues until the hunt begins and prizes can be awarded for the winners!
  • Explore the Park!  Guests can be guided throughout your park via clues while seeing all of the amenities your resort has to offer.  PRO-TIP: This model is ideal for new guests or those looking to buy a membership or potential owners visiting your resort.

And the winner is……

If your hunt is associated to an activity or to a prize, you may want to verify the answers.

  • QR Scans are automatically graded when the scan is completed.
  • Clue/Answer types are tested to see if the guest’s answer matches the actual answer
  • Photo steps require manual scoring

Staff members can grade answers via the app on their own phones/tablet by a simple swipe.  Users have the ability to see their completed hunt scores at any time after grading.

Want to play the hunt again or complete it at another time? No problem – guests can restart or resume their hunt at any time!

Recreation. Not Investigation.