We detailed how to generate revenue or promote your property in our post, Show Me the Money, regarding splash screens. If you have different tiers of sponsors or too many to get value from only the splash screens, you may want to be able to display advertising to your users that isn’t a splash screen.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are common to mobile apps and are typically ran by Google or Apple to advertise to your guests. We did not go down the path of using Google or Apple to advertise to your users for a few reasons, but we do use the same paradigm.

Banner ads are small images that sit at the bottom of the screen, taking up 10% or so of the user’s screen. You are completely in charge of these ads. All revenue generated from these ads are  completely yours.

You can add as many of these to your app as you would like and they are rotated randomly to the users so they see each ad. You can decide which pages each ad is displayed on.  Each banner ad can be clickable into a website.