Do you deliver pizza, firewood, smores, or other items to your campsites? Use your app to remind the users of this and get them to place orders.

Campsite Deliveries

Guests can pull up the listing of items you offer for delivery.

Once they click on an item, they get a familiar screen. The screen contains an image, buttons, description and options on the right hand side.

The buttons are “Call”(This changes to “Call to Order” if there is no email for ordering item) and if there is an email associated, there is an “Order” Button.

The options on the right hand side are the different options they have, for sizes, etc. Below that they can list options and if those options have any associated extra costs.

The order button will take the guest to a form, which will require them to login. The form will get their email address from the login and will ask their site number, quantity, and options they selected. After the form is submitted, the system currently generates and email with the details that is sent to the correct address for this item.