It is time to announce the feature that is going to take your guest interaction to a new level!  We have created a platform within the app for a Loyalty/Rewards program.

Loyalty Management System

We have created a loyalty management system that allows your resort to decide how/when users earn and redeem reward points.

Examples of ways to earn:

  • Activity participation
    • You can set a default value for points earned for guests attending a free activity, or one that has a cost
    • The default points can be overridden for any activity and have unique points associated.
  • Purchases from the camp store
    • Multiple categories can be added for different types of purchases(e.g. Food/Beverage, Merchandise)
  • Reservation for nightly stays
    • Set different point values for different types of accommodations(e.g. RV Site, Cabin).
  • Miscellaneous / Ad Hoc Points
    • Certain staff can have access to view point history and add miscellaneous points to a guest

Race For the Points

As a guest, I have the ability to always see my point total and my point history.

The guest home screen shows three buttons:

Redeem – Expandable fields will include redemption details and directions how to redeem for specific areas

Earn – Expandable fields include description and directions of how to earn points in each category available

History – Summary of the guest’s point history

As a resort, you can list upcoming point promotions or any other pertinent information regarding your loyalty program.

The Process

Staff members you assign have a special section in the app that only staff members can see.

Staff members can open the particular item they are managing(Store purchase, accommodation, or activity attendance). When the staff member clicks into that section their phone automatically turns into a barcode scanner and they can scan the QR code(shown above) in the guest’s “Rewards” section. No additional equipment is required!

No App? Once Again, No Problem!

What about those guests who don’t have a smart phone?  No problem! These guests can still have a rewards account. They can be given a member rewards card with a barcode on the back similar to other rewards programs. When a guest is given a rewards card, the staff member handing it out, just needs to log the guests e-mail address, name, and the number associated with that barcode(the numbers underneath). Therefore, all guests can participate.

This level of interaction with both your guests via your mobile app will increase loyalty to your resort, increased resort participation, and enhanced guest experience.