Every campground has unique needs and a different set of content that would be relevant to their guests.

Extensible Menu Items

We have made our menu items extensible so each campground can add their own unique items. While we have 16 default menu items that has different functionality, you can use those or add more.

Take Branson for example, previously they needed to rename the default menu item, “Attractions”, to “Branson Shows” as guests to this location is typically interested in these shows. You can now add menu items as you see fit, you can use one of the defaults, or add your own.

Currently, the custom menu items you add can be one of three types:

  • Business Listing
    • Add list of businesses or any other form of location.
    • Clicking on a business is just like any other business section(services, recreation, dining, or attractions)
    • Examples: Branson shows, local wineries
  • Expandable Listing
    • Add items with a title and description
    • The titles are listed when a user enters this section
    • When a user clicks on the title, it expands to show the description
    • Examples: Trolly information, Petting zoo information
  • Website
    • When this menu item is clicked, a webpage you put in is open
    • This can open in the browser(Good for pages that the user will navigate around in)
    • The webpage can also be displayed as embedded in the app
    • Examples: Owners only website, trolley location, calendar sign-up, TripAdvisor feedback form, Twitter feed.

Customized Icons

With these changes, with any item, default or custom, you can modify the name of the menu item(e.g. rename activities to events) and you can change which icon is displayed for each item.