Navigating a new campground can be difficult, whether guests are looking for their site or for the location of an activity. We have heard this issue from multiple campground owners and we have experienced this trouble as guests ourselves. We decided to solve this problem with our app so guests can always find what they are looking for.

Searchable Maps

If you choose the searchable map feature, we will map out each of your searchable locations to be displayed in the app. Therefore, when a guest opens the map section, a search bar will be displayed. When a guest searches for a specific location, the map will dim and the location will be highlighted with a pin drop for the location.

The map image will still have the pinch and zoom function even with the highlighted location.

Initial map
Searching for site 283
Zoomed closer to site

While we have to build the map highlights you can tell us what color and how you would like the highlights displayed(You could have the name put next to it or use a target instead of a pin drop, etc.)

Map Button

When we detailed the event detail page, “What Is the Pour at Four Event?”, we mentioned that there is a map button that displays the respective location for that event. For any event that is being held at the campground, the map button can be displayed.  The location can be one of the assigned locations within the map as searchable.  When a user clicks the map button it will open up the resort map and highlights the respective location of that activity just as displayed above. In this particular case, we remove the search bar to display more of the map.

This is one of our two new exciting new features to increase the interaction between your resort and your guests.  This is a great opportunity to put YOUR resort in THEIR hands.

Recreation. Not Investigation.