We are asked many times when we first start speaking to a potential client if we are a reservation system. To be brief, we are not.  There are many companies that do a great job as a reservations company. That being said, we want to include any information in your app that your guests would need to enjoy your resort.

Reservation Section

One of our default sections in Resort Navigator is reservations. This section has two tabs, one for lodging based reservations and one for miscellaneous reservations (e.g. Boat rental, golf cart rental, clubhouse rental)

These tabs list out all the items you have available to reserve.

When a guest clicks into a an item the detail page looks similar to the other other detail pages. There is a picture, followed by the button bar, and then a description.

The button bar has the following buttons:

  1. Call Button
    1. Each item can have a unique phone number, if phone number is left empty, the button will call the front desk.
    2. If there is no reservation button, the call button is renamed to “Call to reserve”
  2. Reserve Button
    1. This button can open up the website for your online reservations
    2. If you do not have online reservations, it can be tied to an email address and the users can fill out a form to be emailed.
  3. Photos button
    1. If you upload more than one image for this item, a photo button will be added and when clicked a gallery will open.

To the right of the description is a list of the different rates associated with this reservation.